• Evoke and Assembly coming up!

    From h7@46:2/101 to All on Friday, July 24, 2015 05:42:59

    As some of you who follow demoscene/artscene stuff already know, two events
    of the year are coming up;

    https://www.evoke.eu - EVOKE 2015 that takes place in Cologne, Germany

    http://www.assembly.org - Assembly that takes place in Helsinki, Finland

    Evoke is considered for many to be the place to be instead of Assembly. Due
    to unfortunate things they are on top of eachother this year, so I suspect
    we wont see that many international guests in Helsinki.

    One main difference is that EVOKE has ansi/ascii competitions. the
    competitions are all streamed online. Deadline for remote entries in the textmode competitions is 29th of July.

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