• Art Needed

    From metalhead@46:1/145 to All on Sat Oct 10 08:33:04 2015
    I'm setting up a Mystic BBS, and it's like 99% customized, however, I have no art, and this might make the BBS kinda boring for some people.

    I'm in need of a heading with my BBS name. This is something that I'd like to use for advertising, and I'd also use it either right before or right after a user logs on.

    Also, I'm in need of VGA art for my BBS' web page, and I'm open to using just about anything, custom or not, but I would like to get permission before
    using anyone's existing masterpieces.

    Check out my BBS, and if you would like to contribute any art, thanks very much! Telnet: bbs.compufuck.com Web: compufuck.com

    --- Mystic BBS v1.10 (Windows)
    * Origin: d i s t o r t i o n // d1st.org (46:1/145)