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    From Metalhead@46:1/104 to Ascii/Ansi Artists on Sat Sep 3 05:32:29 2016
    I'm creating a new website. WEBSITE making you run away? Nah man, my website can be BRANDED by your artwork, whether it's pixel art, ansi, or ascii. (Not that pixel/vga is any more important than ansi, and not that ansi is better than ascii, it makes no difference when it's boss)

    I used to use a somewhat custom TheDraw font (from 90something) for my site's logo, and my site kicked ass rocking that generic shit, but it's time for a serious facelift, which the site is experiencing, with major enhancements, including a name change, but I want one of those enhancements to be a better logo. When I say logo, I mean the name of my site (minus the .COM) Just 3 simple words. (BTW: 3 simple words, with 80 columns, I'm guessing, would probably be 3 rows of words, but whatever works, works!)

    But this project of mine can be glued to something better than that old generic shit that I got, despite the fact that it looked badass all over my website.

    It can be ansi/ascii, or whatever. I can open it up with TheDraw, use SnippingTool to copy it, and put it to work like crazy on my brand.

    I searched for graphic artists on the net, and a dude with a nice portfolio (forgot the dude's name, but if you go out there, you'll see,) told
    me that he'd give me a logo, and some other files, not sure what for
    (probably like an abbreviated version of the 3 words) for like $120. I was
    like "Thanks! I will consider this!" But that's a lot of money for ME to
    throw without seeing it first.

    Can anyone serve me up my site name (and maybe an abbrviated version too)
    with one of their original fonts for like half that price? Sorry if I sound like an ass, who don't know shit about buying art, cuz I don't, but I'm poor
    as fuck, and I'm trying to save money and create a brand at the same time,
    but $120 is a huge chunk of change for me.

    So possibly for like $50, I'm looking for something that would work better
    than my add-on TheDraw Fonted shit which I can use for free?

    I'll pay for an upgrade to what I can use, but I would want to see your font
    in action before paying the $50, because I'm so broke and taking a small
    chance at making some serious money.

    I wouldn't fuck someone over for anything. Carma is my bible. If you show it
    to me, and I like it better than my semi-custom TheDraw thing, I'll pay it,
    not just copy and paste and not pay shit. If I did some shit like that, I
    would never show my face in the BBS world again, and look at my track
    record.. I'm not a dick (unless you don't like my anti-hillary posts.) I love my BBS bros.

    Hope to hear/see something. It can be something you used on another BBS, even if it was in the 90s, I don't care, I just don't want to use something that
    all the other dummies on the net are using, and I want it to be better than what I got.

    My site's name is changing, but here's that font I'm considering using, once again, for free: ┌─────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────┐ │ ▄ ▄ │ │ ▓███▀█ ▓███▀█ ▓███▀█▀█ ▓███▀█ ▓███ █ ▓███▀█ ▓███ █ ▓███▀█ ▓███ █ │ │ ▒███ ▒███ █ ▒███ █ ▒███▄█ ▒███ █ ▒███▄ ▒███ █ ▒███ ▒███▀▄ │ │ ████▄█ ████▄█ ████ █ ████ ████▄█ ████ ████▄█ ████▄█ ████ █ │ │ ▀ ▀ │ └─────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────┘

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