• 16c archive

    From NuSkooler@46:1/173 to All on Sunday, November 12, 2017 20:07:06
    Not that you can't just grab them on the site, but the 16c archive is nearly completly imported on Xibalba BBS. Come browse and snag! Added support for PCBoard, WildCat!, Renegade, etc. color codes in the descriptions so the DIZ's look great as well.


    https://xibalba.l33t.codes | xibalba.l33t.codes:44510 (telnet) 44511 (ssh)

    --- ENiGMA 1/2 v0.0.8-alpha (linux; x64; 6.11.3)
    * Origin: Xibalba -+- xibalba.l33t.codes:44510 (46:1/173)