• Double-Up! v1.3

    From Gryphon@1:0/0 to All on Mon May 2 11:58:09 2016
    I've released a bugfix version of Double-Up!

    Double-Up! v1.2 worked fine with Mystic v1.11, but something seems to
    have changed in v1.12, where a variable can no longer be assigned a
    value when declaring it. It used to be possible in v1.11, but it is
    not possible in v1.12. It will compile, but when the variable gets
    used, it causes a RTE 216 error.

    So I've made changes so that the variables do not get assigned values
    when they get declared. This release is good for Mystic v1.12+

    The new file is dblup13.zip. It is availble at:
    BBS: cyberia.darktech.org
    FTP: cyberia.darktech.org
    SourceForge: https://sourceforge.net/projects/doubleup

    Double-Up! v1.3 for Mystic BBS
    Double-Up! is a Mystic MPL version of the
    popular puzzle game, 2048.

    On the 4x4 grid, slide the numbered tiles
    left, right, up or down. When the tiles
    of the same value collide, they Double-Up!
    into one single tile with the new value.

    Bugfix release. Now compliant with v1.12.

    Requires Mystic BBS v1.12 or later.
    A Cyberia BBS production (2014-2016)

    The Following is a list of Doorgames and Utilities for Mystic BBS

    The files are available by Cyberia BBS


    awipe10.zip 6,902 12/18/15 AnsiWipe v1.0 ANSI screen manipulation dblup13.zip 7,420 05/02/16 Double-Up! v1.3 The game of 2048 dwfmbbs_v02.zip 19,302 12/18/15 DopeWars for Mystic BBS v1.10+ Game dwrl_v01.zip 20,776 03/31/16 Doctor Who Rogue-Like v0.01 Game
    gamestub.zip 3,524 04/12/16 Mystic MPL Game Stub.
    gy-am12a.zip 4,097 12/18/15 AutoMessage v1.2a Utility
    gy-blam11.zip 7,435 12/18/15 BBS List Admin Manager v1.1 Utility gy-fslc1.zip 1,497 12/18/15 Files Since Last Call v1.0 Bulletin gy-gfls1.zip 13,396 12/18/15 GFiles v1.0 Text File Library Utility gy-grd10.zip 6,860 12/18/15 Gryphons Greed v1.0 Game
    gy-lc.zip 2,866 12/18/15 LastCall v1.0 Bulletin
    gy-lch20.zip 21,874 12/18/15 Mystic Leech v2.0 Game
    gy-mm2.zip 16,272 12/18/15 Murder Mansion v2.0 Game
    gy-nds11.zip 6,202 12/18/15 PARSE NodeList and NODESEARCH v1.1 Utility gy-nfb10.zip 5,518 04/29/16 New Files Bulletin v1.0 Bulletin
    gy-tdih2.zip 600,222 12/18/15 This Day in History v2.0 Bulletin gy-tpd10.zip 8,830 12/18/15 TopDoor v1.0 Door Usage Bulletin
    mrc_full.zip 11,043 04/05/16 Mystic Relay Chat v0.10 IRC server

    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A12 (Raspberry Pi)
    * Origin: Cyberia BBS | Cyberia.Darktech.Org | Kingwood, TX (0:0/0)