• Gubbdata 2016 - CFS

    From m00p@46:2/105 to All on Wed May 18 12:26:09 2016
    Call for Submissions for GUBBDATA 2016!

    This year GENESiS*PROJECT and TRiAD are celebrating 60 years of Commodore
    love together at the GUBBDATA HQ.

    Because of limited space, the party is invitation only. All of the compos
    will be streamed online and we do accept REMOTE submissions. We will even
    mail you the price if you win anything.

    All of the remote entries and be submitted to hedning@gubbdata.se

    Deadline for submitting is July 2nd at 19:00 CET

    (Platforms C645, Amiga, Atari)


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