• Mystic Relay Chat v1.1 is available

    From Gryphon@1:0/0 to All on Tue Jul 5 12:17:48 2016
    Mystic Relay Chat v1.1 is now available.
    Mystic Relay Chat v1.1
    for Mystic BBS Platform.
    Connect your Mystic v1.12 BBS to a
    networked IRC-Like network.
    By Gryphon of Cyberia.

    Includes the MRC server scripts in addition
    to the client script and MPL application.
    Everything is included to create an
    independent MRC chat network.

    Requires Python 2.7.9+ and
    Mystic v1.12
    Find mrc_v11.zip at:

    Version 1.1
    ! Fixed an issue with /CLS in the MPL client. It added two blank lines to
    the chat window after it was all cleared.
    + Fixed up the display in the MPL client so that column 80 will get cleared
    instead of having stray chars sitting there.
    ! Removed the function that clears the server lists after x amount of
    minutes. There doesn't seem to be a need for this like I thought, and it
    was causing confusion in the lists.
    ! Fixed an issue in the MPL client where using /JOIN with no following room
    name would result in a blank room name.
    + Changed the way that /BBSES displays the list of BBSes. Previously, it
    listed all the BBSES on a single line. Unfortunately, the line length was
    too long for MPL to handle, so it was not displaying all the BBSes in the
    list. /BBSES now shows each BBS on a line all by it self.
    + Added a client side chat log. It is found in MYSTIC/DATA/MRC/MRCCHAT.LOG
    This log will gather all chats even if nobody local is in chat.
    ! Fixed issue in the server where it would crash if it tried to receive data
    from a client that had dropped.
    + Added the Message Of the Day functionallity. Use /MOTD on the client to
    see the contents of the motd.txt file on the server. The MPL client will
    cause the MOTD to be displayed at user login.

    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A24 (Raspberry Pi)
    * Origin: Cyberia BBS | Cyberia.Darktech.Org | Kingwood, TX (0:0/0)