• You know tha name..

    From Metalhead@46:1/104 to All on Tue Aug 16 01:39:11 2016
    I been trying to get people to play Usurper for like the last 6 months, but
    not many takers have gotten into it..

    Check it out, I'll share some of my strategies with you:

    1) Find out what cursed items are, and learn to NOT pick them up when
    prompted to do so.. Although, this is a problem for rookies, and eventually
    you will reach a level where there is no picking up of cursed items..

    2) Bang as many of the women as you can, and get as many pregnant as
    possible. Banging a pregnant woman doesn't make her more pregnant.. What's
    with all the pregnant babes? Well, when a child is born, you automatically
    get doubloon (money.)

    I've found that hitting the dungeons with 100,000 doubloon on hand is a good way to be prepared to buy maximum healing potions at the conclusion of a
    fight. Being underfunded means not having enough money to protect your health.

    When you are rapidly impregnating the game's girls, you are constantly
    earning money each day, and you are therefore starting out with like 100,000 doubloon at the start of the game, ready to hit the dungeons without touching your bank funds.

    3) Chicks that you can't bang got you down? They won't bang because they're married; usurp the throne, annul their marriages, bang em, and collect
    doubloon when the kid is born!

    This game is the bomb. All other doors (cept for maybe LORD, Pirate's Cove,
    and Arrowbridge) are crap compared to this. Get into it! It's not hard! And skills come with practice!

    If anyone joins the game, I promise to dethrone myself and not to attack
    anyone until they are beyond my level..

    But I guess you are all too busy playing PokemonGo? LOL

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