• Re: Usenet-Next - A propo

    From Mark Seifert@46:1/145 to Deavmi on Tue Nov 22 17:59:33 2016
    Hi Deavmi,

    Personally I'd rather have a walled garden then a patch of flowers that's
    used as a public pathway.

    I'm know little about setting up a NNTP network
    but, once I'm sufficently done doinking with my BSS so that it's good
    enoug to unleash on the public, then I'd be interested in joining.

    Previously, Deavmi said...

    So according to a Usenet user my approach of the walled garden is bad.
    Well, at least I started a discussion. I'd like suggestions then on how
    we could make this network but still be strict but open? D you see what
    I mean?

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