• WWIV 5.1 Release.

    From Weatherman@46:1/263 to All on Tue Nov 22 20:32:34 2016

    Title: WWIV 5.1 Release

    We are happy to announce WWIV 5.1 is available as the stable release of
    WWIV BBS for Linux and Windows. WWIV 5.1 is the 1st major release after the long-awaited 5.0 release last year, and includes native WWIVnet support (no more DOS dependencies) on all platforms, including Linux.
    System Requirements:

    Win32: Windows 7 or later. Use 32-bit windows if you want to run DOS doors. Linux: Debian8 is the base image we prefer, but anything newer than that should
    work. We build with GCC 4.9.2.
    Title Link
    Main Web Site https://www.wwivbbs.org
    Documentation http://docs.wwivbbs.org
    Code http://github.com/wwivbbs/wwiv
    New programs

    wwiv-update - Windows GUI to try to update wwiv to a newer build (useful if
    you are running with developmental builds.)
    wwivserver - wwiv5telnetserver has been renamed to wwivserver since it does
    more than just telnet (and in the future will do even more).
    network{1,2,3} - Alpha quality net38 replacements are available as native win32/linux binaries (and included with the release). Although they aren't full
    featured binaries, they cover the subset of WWIVnet that is in use today.
    wwivutil - this has many subcommands for maintenance on wwiv. run wwivutil for help on the tool.

    New Features

    wwiv-server - the Windows telnet/SSH server supports SSH now in addition to
    wwiv-server - IP country filtering and auto blocking support has been added.
    bbs - On linux we now have a WFC and local IO.
    network - We now have native WWIVnet network support.

    Other Notable Changes

    The TERMINAL_CMD in WFC has been brought back.
    Numeric subtypes are no longer supported on WWIVnet
    Message titles are limited to 72 characters now (vs. somewhere between 66 and 78 depending on the sub)
    fix.exe has been moved into wwivutil as "wwivutil fix"
    netutil.exe has been moved into wwivutil as "wwivutil net"

    For the full list of changes, please see whatsnew.txt included with the bbs or read it online https://raw.githubusercontent.com/wwivbbs/wwiv/wwiv51/bbs/admin/whatsnew.txt.

    Thank you,

    The WWIV 5.1 Community.

    --- WWIVToss v.1.51
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