• What's new in WWIV 5.1.

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    WWIV BBS What's New List
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    What's New in WWIV 5.2 (2016)

    What's New in WWIV 5.1 (2016)
    * removed "debug_level" and Debug menu command. use VLOG(2) now.
    * "extra color" was only used in transfer section w/o listplus
    (which means it's not ever used). removed the checks for it. This
    will come back in the future somewhere else to be useful.
    * Added IP blacklisting/whitelisting and auto blocking. The settings
    are on the blacklist page in wwivserver.exe. By default 3 connection
    attempts in 120 seconds will get an IP blacklisted.
    * The wwiv server also pretends to be a FTN mailer for fun.
    * Removed F6 (toggle sysop alert), to page you after a session ends, since
    this isn't needed post-DOS anymore.
    * Added wwiv-update.exe (contributed to WWIV by TRI0N from
    https://github.com/TRI0N/Windows-WWIV-Update/) into nightly builds.
    wwiv-update.exe is the name of the new binary.
    * SSH support. Use -XS as the commandline argumetn vs. -XT for telnet.
    * networkb will use CRAM-MD5 for authentication by default if both
    systems support it.
    * The wwiv.ini setting TERMINAL_CMD will be used to launch a terminal
    program from the WFC using the 'T' command (again).
    * WWIV5TelnetServer has a log viewer built in you may use to see the
    state of the various WWIV and network log files.
    * net.log is now written in normal order for log files with the newest
    entry at the bottom and never truncated to behave like the rest of
    the log files in WWIV.
    * The two laston lists in WWIV have been merged into one. Now last few
    callers will always display the last few callers regardless of the
    day they called.
    * Added -XU command line type for UNIX communication type. On UNIX we
    temporarily use that type by default for now.
    * UNIX Local IO is now curses based. Win32 can optionally use curses
    for local IO by defining WWIV_WIN32_CURSES_IO.
    * Removed "-w" argument to BBS since there is now just 1 WFC (again).
    * Removed the --network=[net name] option from networkb.exe, now please
    use --network_number=N (where N is like you would use with network1 .N)
    * Created alpha-quality network{1,2,3} replacements. Please feel free to
    try them out. They will eventually become net51 and replace the DOS based
    * Renamed WWIV5TelnetServer to WWIVServer, since it also does SSH too.
    * Numeric subtypes are no longer used. Here's the diff of the change
    in case you run an older WWIV and want to mod it to behave the same
    way (using a string version for numeric types). Otherwise just don't
    use numeric named subs anymore.

    What's New in WWIV 5.1 (2015)
    * Message titles are now limited to 72 characters (same as FidoNet message)
    limits. In reality they would get truncated around this length anyway and
    in most places WWIV still forces a max of 60 characters.
    * Internal application-level caching for posts have been removed. It didn't help
    access times anymore and added lots of unneeded complexity.
    * Started new utility WWIVUTIL which will eventually handle maintenance
    tasks for the bbs.
    * Updated menus/textfiles to reflect 5.1 and also remove commands that have
    been removed years ago.
    * LOCAL_SYSOP has been removed from wwiv.ini, it's always true now.
    * Callback support has been removed the rest of the way.
    * Threaded messages support has been removed (it didn't work anyway).
    * NETUTIL has been merged into WWIVUTIL. Going forward, WWIVUTIL will be
    the main external command line tool for WWIV on all platforms.
    * Removed menu commands DownloadPosts and DownloadFileList and the
    Download Zipped Text menu item from //QWK (all did the same thing).
    * Removed ability to run WWIVMAIL.EXE from the //QWK menu. If anyone
    wants this, then can add their own //QWK menu now that we have a
    menu editor since 4.3. This removed USE_WWIVMAIL and USE_INTERNAL_QWK
    from wwiv.ini.
    * removed SLASH_SZ from wwiv.ini. It wasn't enabled by default anyway.
    * Removed ReadMessages menu item. It wasn't classic WWIV

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    * SSH support. Use -XS as the commandline argumetn vs. -XT for telnet.


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