• Mystic and DSZ on a telnet only system.

    From 2000man@46:1/116 to All on Sat Dec 3 19:13:03 2016
    Hello All,

    I'm using Mystic BBS mys112a31_w32, and it'll be strictly a telnet only system, the OS is Win 7-32bit.

    I'm in nearly finished setting up my board (BBS) but, I have several doors that will allow the users to download files that are created by the doors or to upload files to the door. One such example I have is Classify32 which is a Classified Ads door by Sunrise Doors. It's not the only door that is having this issue.

    When I try using DSZ or SeXYZ they recognize I'm not using a modem so I do the d option to have it not detect carrier, but it doesn't transfer the file.

    It goes through the motions but doesn't give the file.

    Is there anyone out there who's been able to go this to work?


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