• Drop File Issues

    From Spitlord@46:1/104 to All on Sat Mar 11 17:18:14 2017
    I'm trying to set up LoRD as my first door. For starters, I want to run a multinode system. With that being said... I'm having problems configuring
    Lord to find my drop file, even trying just to run single node. My
    directories are as follows.

    C:\MYSTIC <---- Main BBS dir
    C:\LORD <---- LoRD dir

    Simple, right? However, I'm confused on whether to use the * as the node number like LoRD reccommends in the install software, or if I can use MCI
    codes to tell it which node the drop file is coming from. A few questions...

    1) As far as my LoRD setup, I have it looking for a door.sys drop file. I'm not sure which drop file is optimal, or what to do as far as the fossil settings, as I couldn't find any documentation on this. I'm telling LoRD that the drop file is in my C:\MYSTIC\TEMP1 directory Also, LoRD wants to run a batch file, and it says all I have to do is edit the path to where I installed LoRD, which again is C:\LORD.

    2) As far as my Menu settings inside of Mystic, I have the door set to the "1" key. I have it set to run an external program, and Lord wants me to run a
    batch file. So, I have Mystic pointing at "C:\lord\start.bat 1", where "1"
    is the node number. I thought I had it reading the drop file as some point, then I logged another account and it used the drop file from the previous login. How do I set the door menu properly to execute the batch file, AND detect the proper node?

    I'm kind of stuck, I don't really know what the hell I did, but now every
    time I try to start LoRD, there is a bessage about god smashing me on the
    head or something, and it just kicks me back out. Anyone want to call me on the phone and walk me through this one?

    Or maybe just run me through it here...?

    Thanks a lot, folks!



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  • From maskreet@46:1/148 to Spitlord on Sat Mar 11 20:26:11 2017
    On 03/11/17, Spitlord said the following...

    I'm trying to set up LoRD as my first door. For starters, I want to run

    Get NetFOSS from pcmicro.com. Download that, put it in its own directory,
    like say, C:\NETFOSS. Follow the directions, copying netfoss.dll where it
    needs to go. Edit the NF.BAT file with the required %1 where it's supposed to go.

    Edit your LORD START.BAT to reflect where LORD is. In your case, C:\LORD

    Make sure LORDCFG is looking for the drop files in C:\MYSTIC\TEMP1 for node
    1, \TEMP2 for node 2, etc. Doesn't matter which dropfile you use, as long as Mystic uses it. I use DOOR.SYS for everything I can.

    (As an aside, if you see the ASCII "LORD" when you fire up LORDCFG, I drew
    that for Mike when he took over LORD's development 'lo those many years ago)

    Create a new Mystic menu item, use D3. Edit the command like so:

    c:\netfoss\nf.bat /N%3 /H%0 c:\lord\start.bat %3

    Quit, save, login to your Mystic system, play.

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