• Outgoing echomail.

    From ignatius@46:1/700 to All on Tue Mar 14 00:52:25 2017

    I have some menu entries:

    1) Execute copy.sh

    --begin copy.sh ---
    /usr/bin/cp /home/imp/imp/msgs/*.MIX /home/imp/imp/msgs/bak/
    /usr/bin/cp /home/imp/imp/msgs/*.BRD /home/imp/imp/msgs/bak/
    /usr/bin/d2u -U /home/imp/imp/msgs/*
    --end copy.sh ---

    2) Execute the "message post" menu command.

    3) Execute echo.sh

    --begin echo.sh ----
    /home/imp/imp/outmail.sh 2>/dev/null >/dev/null
    --end echo.sh -----

    4) Execute return.sh

    --begin return.sh ---
    /usr/bin/cp /home/imp/imp/msgs/bak/*.MIX /home/imp/imp/msgs/
    /usr/bin/cp /home/imp/imp/msgs/bak/*.BRD /home/imp/imp/msgs/
    --end return.sh -----

    That's it. What i'm having problems with, is I can post a message, and it gets sent out, but a copy of the message will not exist on the BBS. I tried to copy over the files after the "message post" command, but no luck.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    --- SBBSecho 3.00-Linux
    * Origin: thePharcyde_ telnet://bbs.pharcyde.org (Wisconsin) (46:1/700)