• Amiga CNET 5.21 about to drop!

    From Anachronist@46:1/204 to All on Tue Jan 30 03:06:25 2018
    So the maintainer of Amiga CNET (K-Guide of Future World II BBS) has been working hard on CNET for 68k Amiga and is about to release a great update!
    It's an Amiga scripters dream, so if you like programming and modding you'll love it. It's also great if you're not into that sort of thing as it's
    dynamic menu system makes it easy to get started.
    I used it to create something pretty unique as far as BBSes go, I don't think that I could have done it with most other packages out there. I mean I hacked and scripted the ever loving @#$% out of this thing. You can check out my
    CNET board, aBSiNTHE BBS at: absinthe.darktech.org:23.
    All of the CNET boards are about to have their conference chat linked, so the more the merrier :)

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