• Solar Realms Elete design notes

    From Gryphon@46:1/116 to All on Fri Mar 6 09:45:45 2015
    If anybody has ever wanted to write their own door game, like I did with
    Space Dynasty Elete, then you might be interested in this.

    Amit Patel wrote Solar Realms Elete, which was a popular doorgame. Amit is
    the brother of Mehul Patel who wrote Barren Realms Elete and Falcon's Eye. Well, Solar Realms Elete is very much like Hollie Satterfields' Space
    Dynasty, of which I patterened my rendition of Space Dynasty Elete.

    Amit published some design notes for SRE, and I used them to help me design SDE. I thought I'd pass them on to anybody else who might be interested.


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