• DopeWars For Mystic v0.02 released

    From Gryphon@46:1/116 to All on Sun Apr 5 20:35:53 2015
    I've made a new release of DopeWars for Mystic BBS. It's available on sourceforge at https://sourceforge.net/projects/dwfmbbs/files/

    version v0.02:
    F fixed issue with hitchhiking routine. The game would loop forever, even
    if the player got a ride.

    C Made it so that the config was saved when quiting out of the menu.
    Previously, it would only save if S was selected before quiting

    F Fixed the sorting and listing of homey's

    C Changed Vinnie's intrest rate from 2% to 30% a day. It seemed like
    it was too easy to pay back Vinnie. Hopefully this gives a bit
    more "interest" to the game

    F Fixed an issue where if you buy a gun (which takes up 5 pockets) and
    you don't have enough pockets, you won't get the gun.

    F Fixed one of the random events where you find dope on a 'dead dude in de
    alley'. It was erroneously saying that you didn't have spare pockets.

    F Fixed an issue where if you rip your coat, or buy a gun, and your pockets
    are filled with dope, then the game would show you have negative number
    of available pockets. The game will now randomly remove the appropriate
    amount of dope to make up for the lost pockets.

    N Added News feature

    "No matter where you go, there you are!" - Buckaroo Bonzai

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