• Iniquity 3

    From Dribble@46:1/144 to All on Sun May 10 17:07:19 2015
    So I've decided I want to see iniquity step into the modern era and be a viable bbs software again.

    Goals: 1) to make the 2.0 source completely y2k compliant...
    2) to covert iniquity to win32 complete with door32.sys support.
    3) to squash out any remaining bugs.
    4) to design a telnet server for iniquity
    5) (long term) to integrate binkp, http, and ftp)

    This is a project that would take me a loooong time to complete as I am not a pascal coder, and that being said i am looking for pascal coders who would love to tackle this project with me... Any takers?

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