• G-Files v1.2 for Mystic is now available

    From Gryphon@46:1/116 to All on Fri Jul 22 16:30:22 2016
    G-Files for Mystic v1.2 is now available.

    Find gy-gfls12.zip at:


    Call Cyberia BBS at

    G-Files for Mystic v1.2
    G-Files is a text file viewing system
    for Mystic BBS systems. It allows
    the Sysop to offer text files for
    viewing in a similar way to the way
    WWIV did G-Files. It is easy to use
    and highly customizable. You nolonger
    have to create separate menu entries
    to display text files.

    G-Files Supports unlimited entries
    per directory, and unlimited number
    of directories. Each directory can
    have its own look and feel.
    Uses include:
    * Sysop bulletins.
    * Game scores and documentation.
    * General text file display.
    Features include:
    * Lightbar navigation
    * View text and ANSI files
    * Unlimited entries per directory.
    * Unlimited directories.
    * Menu-Driven Sysop commands
    * Easy to add and edit entries
    * Easy to delete entries and also
    delete associated textfile.
    * Create new, and edit existing
    text files on the fly.
    * Sort and move entries.
    * Multi-directory support
    * Separate configurations per
    * Post textfiles to Message bases.
    * Download textfiles.

    Requires Mystic v1.12 or later.
    A Cyberia BBS production

    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A30 (Raspberry Pi)
    * Origin: Cyberia BBS | Cyberia.Darktech.Org | Kingwood, TX (46:1/116)