• Hurricane Maria

    From Necromaster@46:1/122 to All on Sun Sep 24 20:17:18 2017
    To all my friends, users and fellow sysops! I am kind of embarrassed to write this but I have to. As you all may have heard from the news, my country of Puerto Rico got hammered by hurricane Maria. The whole island is in dire straights. I just recently was informed that my mom and dads house in Aguadilla Puerto Rico received major damage. I am in a situation in
    financial difficulties. Once again I am embarrassed to do this but I have to. I am asking any and who who could donate a little something to cover my cost
    to travel over there and help my parents out. Any leftover donation will be used for whatever material we may need to re-build and after that I will donate to all other efforts. Anyone willing to help may donate to: paypal.me/carlosaroldan. I will make a separate page on my system (Necronomicon BBS: necrobbs.strangled.net or bbs.necrobbs.net) with the names of all who have donated. I am not trying to make financial gains by this.
    And all donations received will be used strictly for this. Thanks to all willing to help and god bless!

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