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    I saw the movie on Sunday and while it wasn't my favorite Star Wars flick, it certainly wasn't anything near the horrid levels of episodes 1-3. I thought it had some awkward moments (Flying Leia, milking the space cow, etc), but what specifically has the fans so angry about it?

    I haven't seen the new Star Wars movie yet, but fans have been complaining a lot about Star Wars since episodes 1-3. I wasn't really keen on 1-3 either, but I thought they got better with each episode. I liked episode 3 the best out of those 3.

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    BBSing, they aren't as good as nostalgia would have us to believe. I
    put on Return of the Jedi last night and I couldn't watch more than
    15 minutes of it.

    Yeah, I just can't watch that shit anymore either. It's just not that enjoyable. A lot of it, I think, comes from the fact that we were all too young and too stupid to know how horrible it was. So the real question is whether or not you want to infect your children with that crap now that normies like it.

    Star Wars has continued to be a popular movie franchise though.. Obviously some people like it. I haven't watched them in a while (I tend not to watch movies I've already seen very often), but several years ago I put on Empire Strikes Back and enjoyed watching it again.

    Similarly, everyone will point to Empire Strikes Back as the best of
    the series. Well, let's not forget that whole boring as fuck middle
    section with Luke running around in a fake swamp with a puppet.
    Great ending though.

    Shit or get off the pot, Luke, there is no try. Seriously, the scenes with Yoda were so horribly boring, but mostly because it took forever for him to finally admit who he was and get down to business.

    A while ago I watched Close Encounters of the Third Kind again and had a similar thought, that it seemed like a lot of beating around the bush to finally get to the point at the end. Others had commented that movies made in the 70s often had a different pacing than movies now, that they felt like they could take time to get to the main point/climax of the story. Perhaps a lot of people these days have gotten used to fast-paced movies and don't have the patience anymore for some of the older movies.

    So yeah, TL;DR: Star Wars had its day in the late 70s-early 80s and
    now it just needs to go away. :-)

    It and Star Trek. They turned thoughtful (but shitty) SciFi into a god damn series of action movies!

    I generally prefer Star Trek over Star Wars.. I think they took Star Trek into a direction that I wasn't really interested in. They keep doing prequels and reboots with it - The new JJ Abrams movies being the reboots, and the prequel shows such as Enterprise and Discovery. They could have done a TV series or some movies set during the gap between the original series and the next generation (about an 80-100 year gap) - We only saw the Enterprise B and Enterprise C once each in the franchise, and I think it would have been interesting to see more. They could have also done some movies that involved the crews from Deep Space 9 or Voyager. They could have probably done something like that fairly well with the right writers and directors etc..