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    Recently I bought a 4K PC monitor on eBay (normally I prefer to buy such items from a local store, but this looked like a fairly good deal). I found that the
    monitor had a high-pitched noise when turned on, and the seller accepted retur ns with a pre-paid shipping label, so I initiated the return process and shippe d the item back. I stated the reason was due to the high-pitched noise. Today
    the seller issued a refund, but only half the amount. The seller says the mon itor was returned with a cracked screen. I've contacted the seller so far to s ay the screen wasn't cracked, but unfortunately I didn't think to take pictures
    of the monitor before returning it. I'm not sure if I'm out of luck on this o ne, or if the seller is trying to scam me..
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    If someone returned a monitor to you with a cracked screen, would you kick back half the money without saying anything? Didn't think so =) Sounds shady.

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