• Animusic 3

    From Nightfox@gmail.com to All on Fri May 31 15:33:34 2019
    Is anyone here a fan of Animusic? They are (were?) the company that brought us
    a couple of computer-animated video albums, including their famous "Pipe Dream". I thought it was fairly cool stuff. They have their own in-house software that takes music in MIDI format and uses that to drive computer-animated music instruments to create an animated video for the music.

    In 2012, they had a Kickstarter fund to support development of an upcoming Animusic 3 video album. They raised a bit more than their goal, so they were set to go, but the company (and founder Wayne Lytle) has faced some problems. Animusic 3 has so far not been produced, and I'm not sure if it will. One of the problems is that Wayne Lytle has faced some serious health issues. In late
    2015, he posted an update on the Animusic web site discussing the state of things. He said he was doing alright, but his employee Dave (the 3D animator) had left the company. But he said he still wanted to finish Animusic 3 eventually. They've been fairly quiet though, with no news since then. I'm wondering if Animusic 3 will ever be produced.