• Tomahawk - Greek joystick, coin-op style

    From xqtr@46:20/102 to All on Sat May 20 13:05:16 2023
    This is a part from the Greek retro gaming community. Its a durable "pacman joystick" that developed and produced by two guys in Greece.

    It may seem simple for today standards, but when it came out it was
    something great, mainly for its durability as this kind of controllers, the pacman style, they`re used very hard and often times broke.

    I dont think that this joystick sold outside Greece but here, it was
    comperable with many imported ones.

    A brief presentation and photos can be found here:

    The superiority of Greek joysticks - English Amiga Board http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=58282

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