• [ANSI] The BBS Armada

    From Hawk@21:2/158 to All on Fri May 12 18:55:34 2023

    The Hawk Hubbard BBS Armada
    Black Flag on Mystic Windows 10 32bitblac kflag.acid.org.com:23-------------------------
    The Black Tower on Mystic Windows 10 32bit blackflag.acid.org:26---------------------
    Piranha BBS on Mystic Windows 10 32bit (ANSi and RIPSCri
    p themes)piranha.acid.org:27
    -------------------Black Flag on OBV/2 on
    Windows 10 32bitblackflag.acid.org:2
    ack Flag on PCBoard on Windows 10 32bitblackf lag.acid.org:2627----------------------------
    -ACiD Underworld on Mystic Raspberry Pi 3
    -----------ACiD Underworld on Searchlight in
    RIPScrip Only on Windows 10 32bitblackflag.
    acid.org:24 - Need to download RIPTel for Wind
    ows (riptel.zip)---------------------
    Riptel Visual Telnet ClientWindows use
    rs > Call our AMAZING RIPScrip board!Download the Window
    s client. Our board is in the bookmarks.http://b lackflag.acid.org/RIPtel.zipIt's a fully "ripped
    " Searchlight board with sound.The only one on the plane
    |09Hawk |01(|12A|11C|14i|10D|01)
    |10P|03iranh|02a |05BBS |01(Reloaded)

    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A47 2021/12/25 (Windows/32)
    * Origin: piranha.acid.org:27 With Full Bore RIPScrip Themes (21:2/158)