• Code of Conduct?

    From N2QFD@21:1/219 to All on Sun Jan 7 18:48:19 2024
    Has anyone come across a good code of conduct that can be used in the new user auto e-mail? It seems like the sort of thing that might be nice. Something simple such as the DOVE nets 9 no allowed points.:

    1.Excessive personal attacks
    2.Excessive use of profanity
    3.Excessive off-topic messages
    4.Excessive advertisments
    5.Excessive use of capital letters
    6.Excessive use of non-English text
    7.Encode, encrypted, of otherwise indecipherable messages
    8.Fraudulent messages
    9.Impersonating someone you are not

    And of course how do you know if it's "excessive?" look at the other posts, if your posts look out of place it's probably because they are.

    I'm not for a tone of regulation, but I"m looking at starting a BBS here and like the idea of some CYA built in.

    de N2QFD//Malachi..

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