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    On Monday, May 17th metalhead was heard saying...
    I may have known a 17 year old kid one time who had a hard time
    explaining to his mom why so many boxes showed up to their house in a three day span when she had cancelled her trip out of town. :)

    You had balls! I didn't order anything with these borrowed card numbers because I was too scared to have anything come to my address. The long distance calls had me sweating enough.

    Dude! That doesn't begin to scratch the surface. It is past the statute of limitations on the majority if not all of my youthful shenanegans by these days.. I'll see if I can conjure up some memories for the True Adventures base on Araknet (i think that's where I saw that base anyway) haha!

    I remember the phone card long distance crap too.. One morning, super early (for teenaged me) the phone rang and it was some lady with a Euro accent asking for "Lee Woo Wong" or something I didn't recognize.. and it was on my line that I used for dialup internet and being a little miscreant phreak (handscanning in the early A.M. for vmx systems to hack and forward extensions to 0 operator so i could op divert and bill back to the ANI of the lines I was on or just use them to pivet to isp dialup numbers so I could use accounts I uh, borrowed to ya know play pranks on strangers involving surprises on their cc bills *grin*. Any way, the night before I had spent like 6 hours talking to a friend of mine in Hong Kong and I had didn't have 0 access because my dad had terminated the long distance service on my line and locked it with a new code I hadn't yet figured out and all my dialouts that had 0 access were tapped.. So I had said fuck it and used a calling card that had magically ended up in my hands without op diverting to call my foriegn located homegrrl and burnt up some mins. Apparently, the person that was being asked for was the name on the credit card that was used to purchase the phone cards I had been using and my dumb ass (since it is completely legal to tell an incoming caller whatever you want or impersonate whomever you want as well) says "Yeah, this is him" when the person asks for "Mr. Wong"..

    She says, "YOU'RE.. Lee Woo Wong??".. "Yeah, what of it? It's early, the fuck do you want?". Then they tried to get authoritarian and scary: "WELL! We know you aren't Lee Woo Wong because their credit card was used without their permission and you have committed fraud and are looking at prison time unless you pay for these charges immediately sir! We know who you are and are going to press charges if you refuse to work with us! What is your name young man?"

    So, at this point my stomach has turned and I'm fully woke up and the realization of what I just did is all washing over me in waves and I decide, "whelp... this sucks but if they know so much wtf".. I said "WHOA WHOA LADY?! What the fuck are you talking about?! I don't know who you are or what the fuck you're tlaking about, you woke me up with this bullshit and I don't appreciate the prank phone call. Get a life you immature fuck!". She proceeds to reiterate the act of convo we just had "I called and asked for Lee Woo Wong and you claimed to be that person. You have committed fraud..." I interrupted her "Lady, I was half asleep, you woke me up when I had answered I just agreed to whatever you said, I didn't know wtf I was talking about or what I heard I just know when someone calls my house I can legally say whatever the fuck I want; I an tell you I'm the President of Oscar Meyer Weiner Land if I feel like it so you and Lee Woo Wong can eat a goddamned dick!" and hungup..

    So, 15 year old me spends the next month wondering if the police or AT&T and their massive phone bill or extortion attempt legal documents are going to show up at my house addressed to my parents or something. Never did.

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