• dial up

    From Death2U@21:1/121 to Hackin Dial Up Bridges on Tue Mar 14 17:05:49 2023
    So here is the method a GET request the server on a c for loop you use the number of the for loop to control the flow of traffic here is my program.

    for ((i=4000000001; i<=666666666666666; i++))
    proxychains GET -f -u -t 1 "$i"

    These are the bridges if you know where they are you can bounce your server around use them as proxies you're welcome. just host over it and spoof your ip or sniff the hard way and crack the packets.


    --- ENiGMA 1/2 v0.0.14-beta (linux; x64; 16.16.0)
    * Origin: Xibalba -+- xibalba.l33t.codes:44510 (21:1/121)