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    Just in case some of you are using vim on Linux/Pi etc. it has built in encryption with :X or starting with -x on the command line. It will ask for an encryption key which can be one or more characters below I used

    00000000 56 69 6D 43 72 79 70 74 7E 30 31 21 28 F5 C4 73 VimCrypt~01!(..s 00000010 23 EC 46 A6 8D C0 E7 72 55 C2 AA 1F

    That's the hexedit output of a file called hi. As you can see the first
    11 characters show you it's Vim encryption. So with Linux/Pi there is
    an easy built-in encryption (if you used vi ;) I learned AT&T Unix back
    in the 1980's working at AT&T so I learned basic vi back then. Vim
    works over any telnet/ssh type shell and the arrow keys work without needed to change modes like old vi. All the old commands will work so
    in DD /bin/bash mystic shells the old vi stuff works like HJKL for movement even when the arrow keys don't. That mode defaults to about 23 usable lines per page, the last line repeats forever to make other
    lines, you'll know when you see it.

    I like it, but .. synchronous only :( ... I haven't figured out the super easy way to use gnugp with vim yet.

    Do you have any tips?

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