• Gotcha another Ham here...

    From Phoobar@21:2/147 to All on Sun Nov 17 18:04:39 2019
    Am currently on as KA0TT from a vanity call from 2016. Before that...was
    AE7QL when I got my AE. From 2007 to AE7QL my call was KE7LKI I got when I passed the tech test in Kingman, AZ.

    Currently live in an apartment...but with life screwing me up since 2016...don't have my FT-450 hooked up...but have been thinking about running
    an homebrew Endfed along the baseboard once things calm down.

    Before moving here from Colorado...loved doing JT9 & the other weak signal methods out there. The bad thing is I'm worried that the only TV channels I
    can get is the local PBS...so may not be able to have much of a punch on my favorite methods. Once I get a roommate in here & get back on my feet...would
    a magloop punch through where a normal stick or wire wouldn't? Also have an MP-1 SuperAntenna which has worked great in the past.

    Phoobar - KA0TT

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