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    In my country (Argentina) the use of radio
    mainly because of the bureaucracy of paperwork
    of 15,000 that last year only 4,000 renewed the license

    the regulator (enacom) said that they do not charge for the paperwork but
    that it must be done by a radio club .. and that the radio club can charge
    what they consider .. and that is how they charge a lot of money to renew and among all the tratimes what you have to do (even check criminal records /
    that takes a long time this tratime and also has its cost) and high prices
    left many out of your license

    not to mention what a team costs here

    many bought sdr just to listen because they are also expensive
    a generic usdr sdr that in the USA is dollars10 here is 100
    and if it is sent to ask for ebay the cost in customs is practically the same

    here many digital modes are made mainly ft8 / aprs / packet

    in my area we are a little more than 10 bbs per radio in vhf / uhf

    my normar reach are 100km in vhf
    Here you can see all the bbs there


    there are very few with fbb since they are all with bpq32
    which is a more modern soft with many more possibilities

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