• QRP 1W HF Olivia and JS8Call

    From adrien grelet@21:1/196 to All on Sat May 23 19:54:37 2020
    Just to share with you.

    My station is a FT--818 connected on RPI4 and I've a DIY EFHW antenna on my yard, designed for 40m.

    This week I've made some tests with Ei3IBB in Ireland (about 800km from my
    QTH) and also MM0VIK in Sheitland island.

    We tested communications with JS8Call and/or Olivia in 500//8 and with a
    setup of only 1W out in HF on 40m, we were able to have sustainable QSO beetween us, with 100% copy.

    Even in fast mode in JS8Call, Olivia is faster and more interesting for just keyboard to keyboard QSO.

    But JS8Call permits to store messages locally for after retrieval, you have
    the list of OM on air which you can understand, etc. JS8Call is very interesting.

    I need to make some other tests with a /P setup, with my MFJ1899T for
    example, to see how this can work in QRP with such compromise antenna.

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