• Emulating a TNC

    From Don Epi@21:4/167 to All on Thu Sep 16 01:57:44 2021
    First of all, Don Epi here, LU5EPI. Ive been reading you for a long time, so lets say "thanks" for an insightful conversation about BBS via VHF, AX.25
    and so on...

    I live near a Ham Radio Club that has a VHF BBS. I know the "listening" frequency... I dont have any TNC and theres very difficult to me to obtain
    one, and Im not planning to mount a BBS myself right now, just want to
    access the Ham Radio BBS (LU7EO - Radioclub Avellaneda, Argentina). I do
    have a YAESU FT-2400... what else do I need? Is it possible to config some
    kind of interface with the sound card (I know thats not OPTIMAL... but is it possible?)

    And how it went (if you had some kind of experience in this regard). Well, thats all for now. I am a Sysop, a ham radio and a shortwave listening DXer,
    so everything is fine here.

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  • From Otto Reverse@21:1/225 to Don Epi on Sat Sep 18 17:25:27 2021
    Hi Don,

    Off the top of my head I know of two soundcard based TNC's. One is Direwolf
    and the other is Packet Engine. Often when one is researching soundcard TNC's on the web the discussion is around APRS. But both the two mentioned should still work with "regular" packet.


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  • From N1uro@21:4/107 to Otto Reverse on Sun Sep 19 09:05:00 2021

    You may want to hold off a tad. The ax.25 stack in linux is very broken
    at the moment and there's discussions as to who/what/when/how it'll get fixed.

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  • From Don Epi@21:4/167 to N1uro on Wed Sep 22 09:39:01 2021
    Ok, QSL at that...

    Gonna read a little bit about AX.25 and linux right now.

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