• Fun with Amateur Radio and Computers

    From tenser@21:1/101 to All on Mon Jan 24 05:54:40 2022
    I've had a lot of fun with amateur radio, including setting
    up installations of a DPS8/M running Multics, DECSYSTEM-20
    running TOPS-20, VAX running VMS, another VAX running 4.3BSD,
    a PDP-11/70 running 7th Edition Research Unix, an 11/93
    running RSTS/E, an IBM 4381 running VM/CMS and a CDC 6600/
    Cyber-175 running NOS, all running on my AMPRNet allocation
    and all accessible via IP, NET/ROM and AX.25 (well, the
    IBM mainframe not so much over NET/ROM or AX.25 because the
    3270 protocol isn't a great fit). This is in addition to a
    modern Unix machine.

    Some of the local hams have connected in; it's been fun to
    play with and write about at https://kz2x.radio/

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