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    From Captain Obvious@21:1/157 to All on Sun Dec 1 20:00:56 2019
    So I have enabled POP3 and SMTP support (yes, I know it's just for local
    stuff) and am having a hard time with getting the final piece and that is the username.

    According to the what's new stuff over at the wiki I should just need the username (and PW obviously) to log in. Trying to set up my client and I have tried every combination of my username (two words, Captain Obvious) and still get errors.

    Just using "captainobvious" gives me an unknown user error as
    does "captain_obvious". Same if I capitalize the first letter of each word. I can see Google (gmail) hitting my server so I know it's reaching.

    All that shows up in my mis.log is:

    2019.12.01 19:51:57 POP3 > Connect on slot 1/8 (
    2019.12.01 19:51:57 POP3 1-HostName mail-ot1-f21.google.com
    2019.12.01 19:51:57 POP3 1-Country United States of America (US)
    2019.12.01 19:51:57 POP3 1-Connection closed

    So what the heck would I put as my username?

    -=>Richard Miles<=-
    -=>Captain Obvious<=-

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