• Re: Help with install Door Games

    From tallship@21:2/104 to maskreet on Sun May 30 16:18:57 2021
    On 26 Dec 2019, maskreet said the following...

    BUT (and I know everyone saw this coming), you can also apply to DoorParty, get your doors that way. Easy setup, and a very good choice
    for people running a RPi.

    Probably a good option for me, considering my time constraints and the fact that I haven't been able to dedicate much time to advancing Vger along much further (This too, shall pass).

    We're so lucky in this day and age to be SysOps.... In the olden days, I
    would be pulling the door closed to head on out for a camping trip and those old DOS machines running on a Lantastic and DESQview/X environment could hardly wait to hear the latch click before crashing hard...


    I'm reading up there right now ;)

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