• Prompt for input with specific keys

    From Analog@21:2/123 to All on Wed Dec 25 13:50:52 2019
    I'm trying to setup my Matrix login to request specific keys within a time period. It appears you cannot load any other menus before logging in except
    the menu you specify in the Configuration matrix menu option. Maybe I'm wrong but if I try to GO to new menu from the matrix menu without logging in it
    just refreshes the matrix menu.

    Anyhow, is there a way to prompt for specific keys using a Mystic Menu
    option? I cannot find anything that appears to do it. I can do it from MPL or python but that is a blocking call and negates my menu timers. If I use a python timer, it still blocks until a key is pressed even if the timer fires.

    |19|15┌─|16|07┤ |08De|07ad|15be|07a|08tz b|07b|15s
    |07└─┘├─┐ |08:>.|12F|04sx |1221|08:|122|08/|12123|08.<:
    |11■ |07└|19|15─|16|07┘ |08:>.|10A|02gn |1046|08:|101|08/|10123|08.<:
    |12≡|15A|07n|08al|07o|15g|12≡ |08:>.|13F|05dn |131|08:|13305|08/|132|08.<:
    |08:>.|11T|03qw |111337|08:|113|08/|1113|08.<:

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