• First set of flags doesn't appear to save

    From StackFault@21:1/172 to g00r00 on Fri Jan 3 12:43:57 2020
    Hi g00r00,

    It appears the first set of flags is not working with the -F menu item. I've tried to turn them on, off and toggling without any success. In fact, they
    are toggled but not saved to the users datafile as far as I can tell.

    I've tried the exact same thing but on the second set of flags and it worked, the flags are toggled AND saved, so I guess my approach was valid. Maybe I am missing something too, for now I'll use the second set.


    |15 ▀ ▐ |15StackFault |08<|03.|11.|15P|11h|03EN|11o|15M|11.|03.|08>
    |11 ▌ ▀ |11The Bottomless Abyss BBS
    |03 ▀ ▌▀ |03ssh|08.|072222 |08/ |03telnet|08.|072023 |08/ |03https
    |08 ▄■▐ |08bbs|07.|08bottomlessabyss|07.|08net

    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A43 2019/03/02 (Linux/64)
    * Origin: The Bottomless Abyss BBS * bbs.bottomlessabyss.net (21:1/172)