• bug in daysago()

    From g00r00@21:1/120 to Gamgee on Tue Jan 21 08:20:31 2020
    Frankly I'm a little surprised at how so many folks stick with
    buggy, closed-source software, where the author disappears for
    months at a time, with no notice or reason given... Coming up on

    I certainly wasn't trying to be an asshole, and apologize if you
    took it that way. I thought I was kind of summarizing/condensing

    Reread what you said. Why even post that here in a Mystic support area? If you think you weren't trying to be an asshole you're lying to yourself. Mystic is hardly buggy and unusable. There was a date bug, the rest are bugs that were insignificant enough that no one noticed *for a decade*.

    Within 4 days of the date bug getting to me fixes were released. You're literally just making up your own alternate reality just so you CAN be an asshole.

    The fact that was I was going to be available less was announced, and it was also mentioned on the website (in fact it still is I need to update it). I didn't disappear.

    Okay... but were any of those available to anybody? My statement
    above was referring to official public releases, and was accurate.

    Yes pre-alpha builds are are available to everyone. There was never a time that there were no pre-alpha builds available. By your logic Synchronet is also dead since its hasn't had a release since Jan 1, 2019 and before that it was August 2015.

    The pre-alphas stopped for a period only when I was rewriting a major portion of the BBS because there was no way to upgrade.

    Gee, its almost like you don't follow the software, don't have an experience with it, and are just trying to cause problems.

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