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    From Avon@21:1/101 to Gamgee on Thu Jan 9 17:06:43 2020
    On 08 Jan 2020 at 09:02p, Gamgee pondered and said...

    Frankly I'm a little surprised at how so many folks stick with
    buggy, closed-source software, where the author disappears for
    months at a time, with no notice or reason given... Coming up on
    a year now since the last update, isn't it?

    The last update from g00r00 came out in March 2019 so yep we're ten months since last release. As for bugs, it is alpha code so some are to be expected, but I don't deny this current 2020 issue is a major one (I've just added
    info to the Wiki about it to signal to folks to be aware of it) ... and I (like others) hope it will be addressed and fixed as soon as possible.

    g00r00's reasons from staying closed source are on record on the Wiki. I
    agree when he is not around and stuff like this appears it makes getting a sense of when stuff will be addressed harder to gauge and a bit frustrating
    for those of us who enjoy using Mystic as our BBS software of choice.

    But in saying that, it is his software, his labour of love and his call
    weather to keep it closed or open source etc. and as users we are just
    that... users ... not authors of it, under the current closed operating

    While I do wish for an model whereby even some folks other than just g00r00 could contribute code to the Mystic project, at this stage that's not the case.

    Maybe you guys should upgrade to Synchronet... Problems are
    addressed nearly in real-time (by the author and others), and it's open-source so you can change it yourself if you want.

    Rob aka Digital Man has a great BBS package, of that there is no doubt. It's great to see Synchronet gaining popularity due to it's rich features etc. and I'd say many more will give it a go this year for a whole bunch of reasons.

    For me I'm going to stick with Mystic at this time as on balance despite the known issues I think it's cool software and offers lots for me to warrant using it and continuing to enjoy it.

    I'm sure folks who are using much older, far more legacy FTN software
    packages in 2020 may well also hold similar views on that subject :)

    Best, Paul

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