• Mystic BBS requests.

    From xqtr@21:1/111 to g00r00 on Sat Feb 1 11:19:04 2020
    I have two request to make for Mystic BBS :) It seems like a trend these days for anyone to ask for something... so these are my two wishes :) hahahaha

    1. Support Python3 for MPY and drop Python2
    2. "Finalize" the 1.12 version, if you think that has reached a good level of
    development/features. Make a stop at some point, for everyone else to catch
    up and make/release stuff for this version. Making two many changes,
    specially in the MPL/MPY and structure of the program doesn't help.

    When i say "finalize", i don't mean stop development and bug fixing... i am talking more about the MPL/MPY features/functions and system structure. In the 1.12 we have changed about two times the structure of .DAT files and many renames/removals of MPL/MPY stuff.

    I think we have talked about it in the past also... :) I am only saying it in
    a good way, don't misunderstand me plz :)

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