• VirtualBases - Script - Mystic 1.12A44+

    From xqtr@21:1/111 to All on Sun Feb 9 12:57:53 2020
    I released a new script written in MPY. It's a complete alternative to the default Mystic, File Area, like the one i have on my board. It's written for the A44+ version, using some functions that introduced to that version, so don't try to install it in an older version.

    The two big advantages is that you can order the bases the way you want, without risking damaging the main files/bases, by trying for example, to
    change the index number in a base... the other big feature is that you can
    have some sort of a "virtual" base, which in reality is a simple CSV file. In there you can specify links to files in the web (ex: http://www.mystic.com/downloads/mys112a44_w32.zip) or local files anywhere in your drives, without the need to add them in a file base.

    You can get it at Android BBS or wait until Avon hatches it in FSX. The script is under GPL3, so feel free to customize it and send any changes/ideas to add them.

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    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A44 2020/02/04 (Raspberry Pi/32)
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