• My Alpha Test setup

    From bcw142@21:1/145.2 to All on Sat Feb 15 16:21:44 2020
    Seems the test setup mostly did work, it was just the themes that got lost.
    I looked in messages and found normal messages there, so upgrade did work on most things but themes. So that means g00r00 is right that the default theme will work on a foobar'd system, as that's what I seem to have. Well more the reverse I guess - it was only the themes that foobar'd.
    I figured out much of it was working after I set the themes path to default /mystic/themes and logged in normally (meaning the logins were still there). I then looked for messages and they were there. So the themes got lost, but
    much of the system stayed intact. Not as bad a trade off as I had originally thought. I'm guessing everything is there, just need to put things back in
    the menus. I even noticed the spell checking is up and running.

    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A44 2020/02/04 (Linux/64)
    * Origin: Mystic AlphaTest bcw142.zapto.org:2323 (21:1/145.2)