• bug report

    From Michael2@21:2/145 to g00r00 on Mon Feb 24 07:16:38 2020
    I just tried this on my A45 pi build, and if user is configured for ASCII,
    and they shell to mystic dos, it does not prevent them from running config,
    and the menu structure is all over the place - also the reseblense of a menu
    is in high-ascii?? perhaps the easist thing to do is not allow mystic dos to run commands if in ascii mode?? basic dos commands should be fine, dir cls

    also, anyway to support 40column mode from within mystic themes? ie, first
    menu item column 1 second item default to column 41 ?? would make displaying msg areas and file areas eaiser on 40 column displays



    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A44 2020/02/02 (Linux/64)
    * Origin: Mike's Mansion - Pdx,Or - mansion.dynv6.net:2323 (21:2/145)