• menucmd.mps

    From metalhead@21:1/157 to All on Tue Feb 25 21:44:07 2020
    There's a script that comes with Mystic called menucmd.mps

    It's a "Very basic MPL program designed to execute a menu command from a
    prompt or command line."

    I want to use it to execute 2 menu commands from a prompt #107 (Saving Mesage...)
    GO main (go to main menu first) then
    GD saved.ans (display saved.ans)

    I assumed I would insert my info inside the script somewhere prior to
    compiling it and using it, but either that's not how this script is
    supposed to be used, or I'm not putting the info in the right places.

    The script looks like this:

    Cmd : String[2];
    Data : String;
    Cmd := Upper(Copy(ProgParams, 1, 2));
    Data := Copy(ProgParams, 4, Length(ProgParams));

    MenuCmd(Cmd, Data);

    Where should I put the GO main?

    Or do I run the script with parameters? Like this? !menucmd.mpx GO main

    If someone knows the answer but thinks I'm being a lazy asshole, then please disregard this message. :)

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