• fidopoll issue

    From efraim@21:1/150 to All on Tue Mar 3 12:56:22 2020

    I have a problem with fidopoll, I think so.

    I'm testing two BBS (Mystic) in local area (192.168.x.x). I've created a new network "textnet" and I have configured one message board in both BBS.

    Apparently, everything is fine configured and when I write a new post from BBS2 and executed ./mutil mailout.ini, a packet is created fine.

    If I executed ./fidopoll forced, BBS2 send the packet to BBS1 and in BBS1 I don't have any issues executing ./mutil mainin.ini

    OK, but here's the problem. When I create a new message in BBS1 and execute ./mutil mailout.ini, I have the packet in my /echomail/out directory but
    when I execute ./fidopoll forced from BBS2 to receive this new packet, it doesn't work. I don't receive anything.

    Why? Hahaha.
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