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    From ryan@21:1/168 to g00r00 on Thu Mar 5 10:15:39 2020
    Hey g00r00, not sure if you saw my previous report about qwk mail displaying funny that I pulled from a synchronet board. Would be cool to chase that down :)

    The purpose of this message, though, is for a feature request.

    What I'd like to request is for message and file groups to have long names (whatever the current naming convention is now would be good for that) and
    then also have a short name or prefix field or something. I'll give an

    Message group name: fsxNet
    Message group prefix: [fsx]

    This would enable some sort of composite naming scheme if we used MCI codes
    to display things. I'll give an example.

    Board with many nets may prefer to display "current" group and area info thusly:

    [fsx] Mystic BBS Support

    Instead of

    Group: fsxNet
    Area: Mystic BBS Support

    Make sense? This would also enable some fun configurability. Right now I'm manually handjamming group names into area names but the character limitation hurts at times and prevents me from doing any color styling.


    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A45 2020/02/18 (Linux/64)
    * Origin: monterey bbs (21:1/168)