• The Search BBS new server

    From nristen@21:1/161 to All on Mon Mar 9 22:28:22 2020

    I now have The Search BBS up and running on a new Ubuntu OS server at a new
    IP address. The domain, bbs.theharrisclan.net 34123 and SSH/2222 still work. This is a new install so I will need to re-establish my connections with all
    of the networks.

    Avon, I believe you will need to update "thesearch.bbs.nz" to the new ip address if you have not already. It looks like your Hub is not sending echomail to my node.

    For anyone else out there that has been getting errors when trying to connect to my board, I apologize and am ready to reset those back up if you want to
    let me know here. Thanks for your patience.

    nristen - Karl Harris

    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A43 2019/03/02 (Linux/64)
    * Origin: The Search BBS bbs.theharrisclan.net 34123/2222 (21:1/161)