• [ANSI] Scan for netmail on login?

    From Zip@21:1/202 to ryan on Sat Mar 14 07:55:38 2020
    Hello ryan!On 13 Mar 2020, ryan said the follow
    ing...ry> How hard would it be to scan just for netmail
    on login? We scan forry> direct messages on login but no
    t netmail. Would it be possible tory> iterate through ea
    ch netmail base during this process? I associateNot s
    ure if it is the MC (Check e-mail) or the MQ (Message quick scan) tha
    tcatches netmail messages, but I use the following in my pre
    login menu to replace the stock message scanning there (NOT
    E that I have inserted a spaceafter each pipe to avoid Mysti
    c from parsing those here):1. Command
    : (MC) Check e-mailData: /UNREAD2
    . Command: (GT) Display line of textData: | CL| 01[| 10■|
    01] | 09Scanning for new personal messages...| DE| CR|CR
    3. Command: (MQ) Messa
    ge quick scanData: /NOSCAN /NO
    4. Command: (-R) Reset
    OK ACS flagsData: 0
    5. Command: (GT) Display line of tex
    tData: | CL| 01[| 10
    ■| 01] | 09There are no new messag
    es.| DE| DE| CRAccess
    : !OY6. Command:
    (-Y) Ask Yes/No (
    default Yes)Data: |
    CR| 01[| 10■| 01] | 09
    You have | 11| &3 | 09n
    ew personal message(s):Read now
    ? | 11Access: OY
    7. Command: (MN) Message new sc
    anData: /P /GAcces
    s: OKThis also has the advantage that
    it does not show any e-mails (privatem
    essages) unless there are some new ones, as opp
    osed to the default whichalways shows all e-mails
    (private messages) regardless of whether ther
    e areany unread ones or not.I
    have also changed the personalscan menu (the one which
    is called whenhitting (G) Global
    Personal Scan from the message menu) to u
    se steps 2-7 forthe message scanning
    , so that it acts similarly.H
    ope this helps! =)Best regards
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