• SSH Access on Mystic A46

    From nristen@21:1/161 to All on Sun Mar 15 03:56:06 2020
    This may be old news as I have not kept up with Mystic news lately but I
    wanted to pass on what I just found today.

    I was setting up SSH access on my newly deployed A46 Mystic. I could not connect via SSH.P

    Once I switched binkp to only IPv4 then I could connect via SSH fine. All of the other services (telnet and SSH were already set for IPv4 only).

    Just curious if anyone else had run into that?

    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A46 2020/03/07 (Linux/64)
    * Origin: The Search BBS bbs.theharrisclan.net 34123/2222 (21:1/161)