• Daily ftn report?

    From ryan@21:1/168 to g00r00 on Tue Mar 17 14:01:11 2020
    Hey g00r00,

    How hard would it be to implement some kind of daily report? Maybe bake it
    into mutil so it can run as a nightly maintenance task. Essentially, it would be nice to get a bird's eye view of the following sample items without
    parsing individual log files.

    Daily report stuff:
    # of uploads
    # of files imported via FTN or crawling the file dirs
    # of messages imported via FTN
    # of messages imported via QWK
    # of hubs with successful messages sent/received/etc

    Bottom line is that right now the way we understand there's something wrong with an upstream hub is just by noticing lack of traffic and doing some investigative work. It would be killer to be able to consume this type of information at a glance each day, perhaps with metrics over time (sort of
    like the '@' main menu command for BBS metrics from the main menu).

    How hard would it be to implement this?


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